Another new skill!

Another new skill!

Just back from another Friday nighters – I always enjoy my interesting evenings with much witty conversation over a glass or two of red with Andrea and the other mums who drop in later to pick up their sons. Much laughter and chatting coming up from the basement, as usual!
Today was a PD day at Arrowsmith, a free day for the students whilst the teachers hone their skills (not that they need to, in my opinion!). On the last PD day a group went bowling and had a lot of fun so this time we thought we would organise something different. Rock climbing! The Peterborough Rock Climbing centre is a really good facility with enthusiastic, skilled instructors who couldn’t have been more helpful. We had a great turn out with students from the East and the West rooms and a few mums too! Well, I did something I never thought I would be able to do and climbed right to the top of the highest wall, with Kyle belaying me and Simon videoing it! It is not the highest rock climbing wall I have seen, nor the most difficult, but for me it was quite an achievement, spurred on as I was by Simon’s comment that I would never got off the ground, let alone get to the top of the wall and ring the bell! About 2 metres from the top, I froze as I simply couldn’t work out how on earth I could make my next move. Fortunately the lovely instructor spotted my frozen body and talked me through the last three moves so I got to the top and rang the bell. I was pretty shaky by the time I got to the top! Coming down was interesting – a test of faith in the person belaying you! The photo is of me having my belaying lesson before Kyle went up the wall!
Simon had a go at climbing the wall too but his back was hurting too much from his session at the gym to get very far – he became the official photographer/videographer and has got some great photos and videos! He had a lot of fun anyway – having fun and being together with the other students was the reason that we organised the outing so all in all, it was a great afternoon, topped by hot chocolates at a Canadian institution, Tim Hortons!
The rest of our weekend is much less physical – a Harry Potter movie marathon!
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Not that we would have known it was Valentine’s Day, it seems much less commercial in Canada than in Australia, but maybe that is only in Peterborough.


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