Now that’s what I call a snow angel!

Now that's what I call a snow angel!

Rather belatedly here is the snow angel made by Leah on our parents walk on Tuesday – isn’t it perfect? There has been a lot to write about this week which is why I didn’t get to it earlier.
Back to today, a brief facetime call from Michael telling me how much he and a big group of our friends had enjoyed “Saving Mr Banks” – I had thought he would think it was rather slow and would go to sleep! Perhaps there is something to be said for going to see something with low expectations! I must admit to feeling rather envious of seeing the movie with the Opera House and sparkling Sydney harbour in the background, a glass or two of champagne and a fabulous firework display to mark the end of the season It means summer in Sydney is drawing to a close, a summer which Simon and I have missed.
We have started our Harry Potter movie marathon! As we started “The Philosopher’s Stone” , facetime called us away to chat, back to the movie and Amanda called to say she was nearby so when she arrived we started at the beginning again! Amanda hasn’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies so it was good to watch it with her with fresh eyes and enjoy it together. We then went with Amanda to meet two friends of our Aussie friends from Toowoomba – these two ladies have just completed the Arrowsmith teacher training and are going back to Toowoomba to start a new Arrowsmith programme in their school. They were so enthusiastic and excited to be setting up and will start the assessments and then teaching their Arrowsmith students very soon. They are hoping to add an adult class at some point in the not too distant future. It fills me with great hope that more schools are giving their students the chance to undertake the Arrowsmith programme, equipping them for life-long learning by overcoming their learning disabilities. The impact for the students, and their families, is life-changing.
Back home through the melting snow, now going into that scary icy phase again, although more snow is predicted. Simon and I watched “The Chamber of Secrets” and were joined by Sami to watch “The Prisoner of Azkaban”, Simon and Sami discussing all aspects of Harry Potter throughout the movie whilst I was knitting – I think I will finish a square or two for our Wrapped with Love blanket this weekend! Five movies to go!


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