Blue skies.

Blue skies.

Every time the sun is shining and the sky is blue I think the temperature must be warmer and every single time I am shocked by how cold it is when I go outside! I am not sure I will ever work out that in Canada blue skies and sunshine mean COLD! Here is a photo of our rather grotty looking building but it is not the building but the scary icicles I want to draw your attention to – we scuttle in through the front door as fast as physically possible for fear of the melting icicles falling! I am not sure that they could kill you but I just don’t want to find out!
The blue skies tempted us out for a beautiful walk at lunch time, along the river where we watched with fascination as big blocks of ice covered with snow were breaking off and floating down the river. I am not convinced that spring is sprung but the possibility was in the air today!
We were so pleased to receive an invitation to a last minute potluck today, today being “Family Day” in Ontario. Shops were shut, the roads were quiet and it seemed most people were enjoying a day at home. We enjoyed good food, good company and watching the Olympics and for Simon the best part was spending time with Duke, a very gentle and amazingly tolerant Boxer who didn’t mind Simon hugging him! Simon is clearly missing his hugs with Rusty! Back to Arrowsmith tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Blue skies.

    • Thanks for the warning Andrea, I think it would be a shame to be killed by a falling icicle! We do dash in and out of the doorway as quickly as we can and thankfully the rain is washing them away!

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