Snow, snow and yet more snow!

Snow, snow and yet more snow!

So how was it that yesterday I was thinking maybe spring is sprung and we wake up this morning to another 10cms or so of snow? We keep being told that this is a particularly brutal Canadian winter, as if that is of consolation! Here we are going for our parent’s walking group walk in the lovely Jackson park, soon to be not so lovely if the Peterborough council, with their vested interests, have their way.
It seems the same the world over, our lives being run by those with vested interests. Reading about the goings-on of the current Australian government is chilling; media censorship, seemingly no accountability and no care as to how Australia is regarded by the rest of the world. Many Canadians would say the same about their current government. I believe this Australian government and the opposition have lost their moral compass and I shall be Marching in March as it doesn’t seem there is much else I can do to express my outrage and shame at the way in which they are behaving – their treatment of asylum seekers, repealing the carbon tax, dumping coal sludge in the Great Barrier Reef and there is so much more.
Sorry for the lecture but I have to rant somewhere and here seems as good a place as anywhere else.
Disclaimer from Simon – this is Mum’s rant, nothing to do with me!


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