The Peterborough Art Gallery

We had another interesting Parents Social Outing today, this time to the Peterborough Art Gallery. On the basis of my outing there with the New Canadian Centre in November which was, for me, so very interesting, I thought we Arrowsmith parents might enjoy a visit. I am pleased to say that everyone enjoyed it – being guided through the paintings gives such an insight into the artist and their intention. I found going through the 2014 Calendar project as interesting this time as it was last time. Once again I was struck by the huge unfinished re-working of “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” by David Bierk, based on the original by Vermeer – as was the book by Tracey Chevalier which was then made into a film with Scarlett Johannsen and Colin Firth – both of which I recommend.
We also visited the other exhibition in the Art Gallery in which six artists were commissioned to respond to the theme “Artists’ Walk”. There were some quite quirky responses – a collection of walking sticks fashioned in response to the emotions felt by the artist, Barbara Lounders, after she had walked in different areas – I especially liked the pair of walking sticks with little red shoes carved on the end of the sticks and the one covered with words from the Neil Young song, Walk With Me. The video, by Lisa Myers, of blueberries being crushed would have made no sense to me at all if we hadn’t been told about the artists grandfather escaping from his boarding school and walking 300 miles along a railway track, with only blueberries to eat along the way. Still somewhat abstract for me! My taste in art is pretty pedestrian I fear!
A lovely lunch at Carpe Diem followed, the house salad is fabulous and it is worth going just for that!
And whilst I remember, I have to say that I love, love, love Canadian banks, mine in particular. The customer service is as every customer service should be – everyone is remarkably friendly and cheerful, nothing is too much trouble and you feel as if you are the most important customer ever! I went to get a bank cheque to pay the deposit for Arrowsmith for Simon for next year (yes, he’d like to come back for another year!)- done, in about two minutes! On Friday last week we went in to get a bank account for Simon – no 100 points of ID and being made to feel as if you don’t deserve to use the bank’s facilities as happens in Australia, where you are also made to feel like a money-laundering criminal. No, none of that, a few minutes after we arrived, we left with Simon having a student bank account (no fees!) and a debit card which he and Matt (the extremely nice man in the bank) had set up with a pin number! So impressive, and I am still impressed that they raised my credit limit when I was in panic on the phone at Toronto airport, instantly, so that I could buy my ticket to Prague! Australian banks could learn a great deal from them.


2 thoughts on “The Peterborough Art Gallery

  1. Have done a major catch-up on your blog. It is totally fascinating and so interesting to hear that Simon wants to sign up again for another year.The book you sent me about Arrowsmith was an amazing read.

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