More wise words!

More wise words!

Matt (Mr Coppins) certainly knows how to inspire the students of the West Room! This is so true for me too, being a terrible procrastinator. It is amazing how much I can get done when I have a deadline! I have taken to wondering if I did the Arrowsmith programme I could overcome this and become more organised- Barbara Arrowsmith Young says it is never too late but I fear I am a hopeless case and I am sure that Simon (and my girls and Richard) would agree!
A coy look from Simon lets me know he has some news – he has gone up a level in Symbol rec – “not a mastery, just a level, Mum” but as far as I am concerned going up a level is another step in the right direction. Symbol rec helps overcome the difficulty in visually recognising and remembering a word or symbol that has been seen before, which will help with word recognition, reading and spelling,
Another great Friday night, Andrea and I sorting out the world with a red wine or two, nuts and dips whilst 9 current or ex-Arrowsmith students did whatever they do down in the basement! They sounded as if they were having a very good time!
Happy weekend everyone!


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