Saturday sorting.

Saturday sorting.

This is Simon trudging through the snow last Saturday – if I had taken a photo of him today he would have been trudging along the road between Chapters book shop and the Mall at Lansdowne Plaza on the very ice sidewalk! A trip to Chapters to buy some Canadian books to take back to Sydney with me, as recommended by my great Canadian friend from the New Canadian Centre. I want to read them all – why are there so many books but so little time? I think I need another lifetime to read all the books I want to read! Off to the mall for more shopping, for me it is a chore to go to the mall and I simply don’t understand how people can spend hours browsing in shops – there are so many other things I want to fit into my day! We zipped in and out of the shops we wanted to go to, although we did get side-tracked by one shop full of all sorts of weird and wonderful novelty products and found some very funny presents, we think, for our family and friends – we hope you agree when you receive them!
Simon finally decided to spend some of his Christmas money and bought himself a 4000 piece puzzle! That should keep him occupied for quite some time! He is finding that his word searches are too easy and wanted something more challenging!
We cooked, sorted, packed my suitcase for me setting off to Sydney tomorrow (to look after Michael who is having a knee replacement next week). We wrote out Simon’s timetable and menu so he is all set now. We facetimed almost all of our family and chatted for some time and then Amanda came for dinner. More chatting!
We popped in next door to welcome back Sami’s mum who has arrived with her two younger children. As Simon said, one mum arrives, one mum leaves! I am sure she will keep an eye on Simon in my absence as will Amanda and several mums – the benefit of a small community!


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