I have missed this view!

I have missed this view!

Such a long journey but so good to be home! In some ways it feels as if I have never been away as everything is so very familiar, and yet another part of me is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the traffic and the sheer number of people around, missing the peace of Peterborough! I must admit that wearing only a sleeveless linen top and shorts is such a luxury, it almost feels sinful! And not having to walk gingerly on ice is a blessing too! Bat poo is not quite as slippery as ice but slippery nonetheless! it is bat mating season outside our house! Not something that would happen in Peterborough!
Delicious highlights from yesterday included a beautiful lunch in a courtyard in the University of New South Wales, with my lovely husband and gorgeous daughter, seeing a very special friend on her way home from school, taking Rusty for a walk around the neighbourhood, and sitting on the balcony eating Morrocan lamb, salad and smashed potatoes, followed by mangoes – the good friends who have been staying and looking after Michael really appreciated not being the ones to cook! I think I could have made baked beans and they would have enjoyed them! And seeing Simon on facetime who was obviously happy and managing fine on his own!

Off sailing today – Michael’s last fling before his knee operation!


2 thoughts on “I have missed this view!

  1. It’s so nice to hear you sounding so happy. You are such a great writer I feel I am able to see everything you are describing and taste everything you are eating. Morroccon lamb- yum! We are missing you here already. We went for walk this morning on the Trent trails- it was cold but sunny. Then Frances,Lynette and I went to lakefield to the wool shop for some new wool colours. They have some beautiful choices, it was hard to leave with just three balls each, we easily could have chosen dozens. We can’t wait to show you what we bought! Also had lunch at a cafe while in lakefield. Nice morning overall but you were definitely missed. Enjoy your time home. We are all checking in on simon- we will to be careful we don’t Annoy him with our “mothering”.

    • Hi Michelle! so good to hear what you are up to – I am sure you had a fabulous walk! and looking forward to seeing your colours! I think we should organise an outing to Dorothy’s cafĂ© in Lakefield next term! I don’t think you can “over” mother Simon! F x

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