How time flies!

How time flies!

I was going to put a photo of Rusty, our gorgeous cocker spaniel, on the blog as he was so, so, so pleased to see me when I arrived this time last week. This time last week – that is what made me realise how time is flying by all too quickly. However, I am now on my “proper” computer not my laptop which is where the photo of Rusty is downloaded – so here is a photo which truly shows how time flies, my beautiful girls looking so cute, who are now 23 and 21 years old, and Simon looking rather blue just before his heart operation. And me looking very much younger! And yet it doesn’t seem that long since that photo was taken and our house was full of fairies,Snow White, Cinderella and even Buzz Lightyear!
Back to Rusty, I am sure he will be so much more excited to see Simon who is arriving on Friday. In fact, I don’t know who will be more excited – Simon or Rusty! And in the meantime, Simon is managing being in Peterborough without me and enjoying his freedom! He is really looking forward to meeting Barbara Arrowsmith Young who is visiting just before he sets off home – I think I would have had to change his flight if he had being going to miss her. It is not often that you have the opportunity to meet the person who has given you the chance to change your brain and therefore your life, as she has for all the students undertaking the Arrowsmith programme.


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