I can finally reveal that Simon is here in Sydney too! He didn’t want me to write anything on the blog as he wanted to surprise his teachers and fellow students at his old school when he visited them yesterday! He was so excited to go and see them and had a wonderful visit. They were as delighted to see him as he was them, unlike Rusty who turned his back on Simon and walked away when Simon first arrived! He has since allowed Simon some cuddles but Rusty was clearly punishing Simon for being away- we are a little nervous as to how he will be when Simon gets the suitcase out again!

It was great for Simon to catch up with more students and teachers at Riverview today. After that he headed off to Meadowbank to TAFE where he really enjoyed catching up with more teachers and student, especially his tutor group tutor and the teacher in charge of the Duke of the Edinburgh programme (he has just received a letter telling him that he was invited to accept his GOLD Duke of Edinburgh Award at Government House in May (we changed the date to July since Simon will still be in Peterborough in May) BUT what an extraordinary achievement – we are so very proud!). On the way back from TAFE Simon dropped into the Childcare Centre at TAFE where he had done one term of his work experience and then into St Thomas’s in Rozelle (which he had attended as a toddler!)- in both places they were so pleased to see him and to talk with him about what he has been up to since he left Riverview.

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