Simon’s golfing fun!

Back in Peterborough now! At last there is time to write about our time in Sydney! We have so enjoyed being with our family and friends – there is something irreplaceable about the familiarity of home, so much so that despite having been away for almost 6 months, once home again it seemed as if we had never been away.
Pictured is one of the highlights of our time in Sydney! Golfing with Dad is always an adventure for Simon – this time particularly so! The first four holes went very well, Simon’s golf much improved even though he hadn’t played for months and months, Michael being delighted to be able to play at all, being only 3 weeks post knee replacement, but getting to the fifth hole proved too much! Driving over the EXTREMELY narrow bridge somehow the wheels got stuck pointing in the wrong direction so that once over the bridge the golf cart veered off course and straight down the embankment, with Simon shouting “WHAAAAAAAAAT!” before Michael realised what was going on! The intrepid golfers scrambled out, rescued their clubs, climbing up the embankment to be met by the astounded green keeper who went to get the golf pro who said they had never seen this happen before! I collected two very wet and smelly golfers, leaving behind the stranded golf buggy – the talk of the golf club for weeks to come! Michael and Simon giggled all the way home in the car and have enjoyed re-living the tale many times since! It is a game that will be often remembered!
Simon also had a golf lesson, much less of an adventure, but he was amazed to find that his golf had greatly improved, despite having not played for months, apart from 4 holes! He thinks that that the improvement is because of the changes happening in his brain due to the Arrowsmith programme. We have now heard some stories about Arrowsmith students finding that their sporting abilities have improved subsequent to undertaking the programme; this is, for Simon, an unexpected bonus of all that hard work!
Now we are back in our little apartment it seems not long since we left! Looking out of the window, we can see a glorious sunny day but the current temperature is -11, rather a shock after our balmy Sydney days. Back to putting on layers to brave the cold to top up the fridge, even though Amanda had been so wonderful and left some goodies so we didn’t have to go out in order to make ourselves dinner when we got back last night. Back to Arrowsmith for Simon and back to knitting followed by a much needed trip to the gym for me tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Simon’s golfing fun!

  1. This photo is gold! Very happy to hear that Simon is finding some un-expected results of his progress 🙂 Maybe we’ll have to play some golf sometime.

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