Another beautiful walk!

Another beautiful walk!

Simon started the day laughing with everyone at Arrowsmith as he had directed them to the blog yesterday telling them that that was where they would find out what he had done on his holidays! The photo of the golf buggy in the water is making a splash!
Simon tells me that he almost mastered tracing today, just one mark outside the line! So nearly there! He is progressing really well and even exceeding expectations in some of his exercises – gosh, I am so proud of him!
The beautifully sunny morning saw us parents heading to the Trent University Nature Reserve for our Parents Walking Group walk – here we are standing on the river which is still frozen at this point (well, I am taking the photo but the other three intrepid walkers are in the photo!). Further down river and down by Little Lake the thaw has started so we were a bit nervous to head out and walk right across the river especially as we had spotted some cracks, albeit very small cracks! Intrepid but not that intrepid!
A definite feeling of spring in the air and a mood of optimism creeping up on us all after the long winter. By six o’clock this evening that disappeared as did the visibility with a massive snowstorm once again – it was short-lived however. A reminder from Mother Nature that she is contrary and unpredictable!


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