Perfect weather

Perfect weather

for cross country ski-ing! Here we are in our own private ski field! It isn’t really (obviously!) but it felt as if it was since there was not a soul to be seen as we walked into Devil’s Elbow! Following a fortifying coffee/hot chocolate we set off, ignored the “easiest” track and headed straight off to the “more difficult” track which didn’t prove too challenging, the occasional squeal of terror as we went speeding downhill on narrow skis and the odd fall, so we decided to take on the “most difficult” track. Surely it can’t be that hard we said to ourselves! It wasn’t that much harder really, some longer downhills and a little steeper but just (for us!) so long. We didn’t see anyone else or any tracks other than those made by rabbits and deer. The only other living creatures we saw were squirrels dashing across the path in front of us during our long ski. We were surprised a search party hadn’t been sent out to find us by our lone downhill skier, who had had a good, but cold, morning. We, on the other hand, were more than warm after all our hard work!
What a great way to spend the day! Simon, in the meantime, spent his day getting increasingly frustrated by not mastering tracing. I’m sure he will do it soon enough and I will know by that special coy expression on his face when he does! He was pleased to tell me that he had great success in one of the other exercises which helps develop self-direction and organisation, mental initiative and problem solving abilities. I would add that the progress in all these areas was much in evidence whilst we were in Sydney, as well as Simon’s non-stop talking. Michael wondered if Simon would ever stop talking from now on! We’re pleased he has so much to tell everyone!


2 thoughts on “Perfect weather

  1. Maybe Simon has to make up for all those years of little talking. Tho I must say I’ve always enjoyed his little quips which were apt concise and to the point – now he is elaborating it can only get better!

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