Today’s news

Today's news

is good news… Simon mastered the 4th level of tracing! He threw the piece of paper at me when he came in through the door this evening and I was on facetime! I suspected it was something special but I hadn’t time to see the coy face he wears when he is feeling proud of himself, but shy at the same time, as he snuck into his bedroom. Mr Coppins tells me Simon has made lots of progress this week which is very exciting! I wonder if the holidays integrate things in the brain just as sleep consolidates our memories. Maybe, as Vicky suggested, Simon should go on holiday more often!
More wise words from Mr Coppins for inspiration this week.
Back to Friday nights again tonight, such a treat, me enjoying Andrea’s wonderful conversation whilst rather less erudite conversation goes on in the basement, sometimes making its way up the stairwell! Friday nights are a special part of being here in Peterborough. Off to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning and since the pavements are now clear we can walk there – yeah! And the temperature is meant to be a balmy 6 degrees!


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