Peterborough Friday

Peterborough Friday

With Stella being the queen of breakfasts I had to find a suitable breakfast venue! We are spoilt for choice for fabulous breakfasts both in Melbourne and Sydney whilst in Peterborough the choice is rather more limited! However, the newly opened Two Dishes Cookshop in Charlotte Street came up trumps! A suitably interesting breakfast menu with Stella choosing her favourite, French toast with maple syrup , I fancied something more savoury so it was pulled beef and potatoes for me – a meal in itself which could be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner! I have been awaiting their opening since they stopped selling their beautiful food at the Charlotte Street Farmer’s Market, to concentrate on setting up the restaurant! I am definitely going back for the French toast which looked delicious and the lunch menu looked good too! I didn’t see the dinner menu but I am sure that will be worth trying too! I wish them every success in their venture – great food and wonderfully friendly service in a stylish setting, what more could anyone want?
We needed a walk after breakfast so as the drizzle started we set out along the Rotary trail via the London Street bridge so I could show Stella a little of Peterborough, though not at its prettiest with grey skies and grey slushy snow.
We collected our hire car and set off to Arrowsmith. Simon introduced Stella to Mr Coppins and allowed us to sit on his progress meeting. Matt re-iterated how very well Simon was doing and they set his goals for the next week. We gave Amanda a lift home – it was fun to be able to give her a lift! We had a cup of tea and chatted with Col and Lea-Anne for a bit and then had to dash home to get ready for Friday nighters.
Dropping off Simon and Patrick at Friday nighters, Stella and I went in search of some good Canadian wine, rather than the not so good Canadian wine I had bought yesterday which we managed to drink anyway! I think we found some and will report back after our weekend on the lake in a cottage with a log fire! In the rain! And more snow is expected!
Friday nighters was the usual wonderful mix of great conversation with Andrea and a glass or two of wine with the added bonus of Stella’s company whilst Simon disappeared into the basement. What a great Friday and looking forward to a great weekend! Happy weekend everyone!


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