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Simon says! A warning – we had such a great weekend and there is so much to say that if you prefer Simon’s style, and think that War and Peace is a long book, then this post is not for you (Richard especially!).
After a foray to the Farmer’s market where we picked up supplies for our weekend we set off for Lakefield. It is not far from Peterborough but has quite a different feel to it. We lunched at the Renaissance Bistro – located at Tragically Hipp, delicious bagels with various fillings – Simon couldn’t decide so he opted for every filling except chicken! Dorothy obliged and issued him a challenge to finish it which he did! And enjoyed it all! Stella had a beautiful tomato soup. Absolutely perfect for a light Saturday lunch, or any other day for that matter!
Onto our cottage at the Pine Vista resort, overlooking Stoney Lake, which, much to Stella’s surprise, was frozen (though beginning to melt) and still covered in snow! The cottage was very comfortable and we were made very welcome, so we settled ourselves in, getting a roaring fire going (with the help of a log in a bag), before going for an explore of the nature trails, which, unfortunately, were still rather snowy and slippery, not suitable for Stella’s shoes! One of the best restaurants in the area is the Riverhouse Co so we headed there for dinner, only to find that Peterborough is a small place – you can’t go anywhere without meeting someone you know! We met Jill, Simon’s principal, and her husband. I hope we didn’t ruin their evening by turning up in the same restaurant! Their mussels looked delicious so, with their recommendation, we choose them for our starter – and they were as delicious as they looked! It was a great meal and we still got back in time for another fire and a game of cards – Simon’s favourite, Newmarket!
Sunday started slowly with a big breakfast of sausages and mushrooms, after which we were all set to drive around the lake and see the sights. Our first stop was the Irwin Inn, where we looked at various cabins with fabulous views over the lake and planned future summer holidays “en famille”. Onto the Petroglyphs Provincial Park which, like most other sights in the area does not open until May, but there was the option to walk in and see the Petroglyphs – we slipped, skated and walked through slush and mud for a good 40 minutes to the sign which told us there was a further 3kms to go, at this point we turned around! There is an outing to the Peteroglyphs in May when I will tell Stella all about what she missed yesterday! Rivers gurgling, Simon playing Pooh sticks, photo-stops, onto Via Mede, another resort to explore but it was shut and undergoing extensive renovations but the view of the lake from the Inn, Mount Julian was worth stopping for. Quickly dropping into the Trading Post at Young’s Point, so quiet and with snow everywhere, unrecognisable from the time we were there with Michael and Vicky on the hot Thanksgiving weekend, was followed by a brief lunch at Granny’s (not especially recommended other than as somewhere which is open when there is nowhere else open, ie before May!). Time to head back to the cottage, champagne and the outdoor spa were calling! I am sure that if I don’t mention that I forgot my swimmers (bathing suit as it is called here) – don’t worry I did wear a t-shirt and undies, then Stella or Simon will add it in! Especially as Stella had to go to Walmart to buy new swimmers so she could go into the spa. It was very decadent sitting in the gently bubbling spa, drinking champagne, from a large plastic beaker, with snow all around us, blue sky and the lake covered in snow!
Simon barbecued steak for dinner on the barbie on the deck, a real Aussie! Then we settled in to watch Mrs Doubtfire, a classic Robin Williams film, which we all enjoyed! Not quite the early night we had intended since we were leaving early to get Simon back to Arrowsmith on time for the start of another week.
And as for today – Stella had a shock this morning with big eyes staring at her when she opened the dumpster to put in the rubbish as we couldn’t leave it outside the cottage for the raccoons. She delivered it to them instead, as they were waiting inside the dumpster! They were so beautiful although I believe they are the Canadian equivalent of foxes in Chiswick or possums in Sydney or Melbourne! Well, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. I know you can’t wait!


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