NOT a long, but still newsworthy, post!

Just letting you know that Simon mastered “Symbol recognition” today – amazing, well done, congratulations, three cheers for Simon! This is the exercise that helps overcome difficulties in visually recognising and remembering a word or symbol that has been seen before, which pan out as poor word recognition, slow reading and difficulty with spelling. 

We watched an amazing movie with Amanda tonight – indecision on our part as to whether to watch it or not so Amanda put it on and I am so glad she did! It was “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper as the main character  – a would be writer who takes a drug that transforms his mind, allowing him to connect and use his entire brain, rather than the small amount of brain power we usually use. The scenes when he took the drug and how his brain then processed information were brilliantly depicted – I think this could represent what is going on inside the brains of the Arrowsmith students whilst they do their exercises. in the film it only takes 30 seconds for the drug to change his brain, as we know reality is not like the movies and brain changes take rather longer and a great deal of hard work!

Ps Please can you find the like button and like this post to say “Well done!” to Simon – or send him a comment via the blog!


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