Has it come to this?

Has it come to this?

We saw this sign and thought of you, Richard! It made us laugh!! I am in Cape May with Stella on her quest to go to every state in the US. An impressive 37 states so far, and with our trip covering New Jersey and Delaware that will be 39!
Cape May is a pretty seaside resort, similar in style to Newport. It is a great time to be here, with the spring flowers out and not too many tourists. I imagine that it is packed in the height of summer, horrible! We are staying a beautiful hotel, the Virginia Hotel, built in 1878, with a Gone with the Wind winding staircase. I feel we should be swishing down in our crinolines!
A long walk along the promenade to Sunset Beach at the end of Sunset Boulevarde where we watched a kite surfer performing impressive antics amongst the big grey waves! A meander through the shops was followed by a delicious dinner of crab cakes at Louise’s Cafe, bread puddings for pudding, vanilla for Stella and dark chocolate with salted caramel for me, although I was disappointed mine was served cold, accompanied by a Nappa Valley fume blanc as recommended by the lady in the liquor store. She tried to suggest a New Zealand wine to us at first but we thought when in America we should drink American wine! Oops, I forgot to mention our pre dinner drinks, in the Ebbitt bar, sitting in the veranda with our Kir Royales, made with raspberry liqueur rather than cassis, cassis definitely makes a better Kir!
And in the meantime, Simon is settling into Jean’s, visiting Alnwick Gardens and Alnwick Castle amongst other places! I am not too jealous of him seeing all the daffodils as fortunately for me the spring flowers are out here too! I am getting my much needed spring flower fix after our long, long winter, thanks to Stella!


4 thoughts on “Has it come to this?

  1. It’s great to see my favorite town through a visitor’s eyes. I spent every summer there until I was 25. I go back as much as possible with my wife and kids. We stayed in Cape May for our 1st and 30th anniversaries. There is nothing like a long cool walk on the promenade and finishing off the night at the Ugly Mug, Jackson Mountain Cafe, or O’Briens.

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