Spring slowly unfurling in Peterborough

Spring slowly unfurling in Peterborough

Spring in Peterborough is so far behind the spring I saw blooming in Delaware and New Jersey with Stella. It is still monochromatic here, no splashes of yellow daffodils or the glorious pinks of the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms, no bright purples or blues of beautifully scented hyacinths, just the occasional snowdrops peeping out and a very few crocuses. No spring green leaves just unfurling, only tiny buds developing on the trees. What is amazing to me, however, is the river – the power and noise of the water rushing downstream is, to use a word too often used so it has become almost meaningless, awesome. It is truly awesome! The force of nature reminding us how small we are in the scheme of things. I was struck by this both here and in Lakefield where I went with Amanda yesterday.
We went to go to Dorothy’s café for lunch but it was closed unfortunately. Having meandered along the road and in and out of the shops we found a lovely bistro, Cassis, instead and had a great lunch. We had a beautiful walk in the Trent University Nature Reserve, although I think it is the only place in Peterborough where there is still snow on the ground so it made for some slippery, boggy walking! It was worth the slipping and dodging muddy puddles for the peaceful view of the river, sitting on the nature lover’s bench, where only weeks before we had been standing out on the ice. We sat for some time, enjoying the sound of the birds and the sheer stillness.
Later, we watched Philomena with Judy Dench and Steve Coogan, such a sad story but told with wit and charm so that, despite Philomena’s loss, there was no sense of despair but rather happiness and hope. It had mixed reviews, some saying it was schmaltzy and overly emotional and anti-Catholic – I think the reviewers need to remember it was based on a true story and that the Catholic church did do some terrible things (as, I would have add, many others in the name of religion).
That’s enough from me! I have to go and make the most of the spring weather, colours or not, before I head off to pick up Simon from the airport. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has been up to!


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