PreSqu’ile Provincial Park

PreSqu'ile Provincial Park

is where we headed to yesterday. It was not the sunny day it had been on Sunday but perfect for walking and we walked quite a lot. We started at the interpretative centre which told us the history of PreSqu’ile and particularly about the loss of the ” HMS Speedy” on October 8th 1804 when a blizzard blew up. Where we stood by the lake there was a plaque saying that had 8 ships had been lost in the area we could see – the lake looked so benign it was hardly believable. Simon asked the lady in the gift shop (our next stop) if the lake was ever rough – she replied that sometimes the waves were so big you could surf on them! We looked at the lighthouse too but it was closed up and we aren’t sure if it still works as not many ships pass by nowadays.
As time was marching on we decided not to walk the Newcastle trail, the longest of the trails, and the lady in the gift shop suggested sticking to the board walk trails – we understood why later! We walked the Jobes Woods trail, through old growth forest, and a Black Ash swamp – the most exciting thing was seeing the chipmunks which Simon spotted. I would have walked straight past them! Next we went to the Owen Point Trail, which we started along but came to a halt as we met with a boggy area too wide and too deep to walk across. It seemed that all the melted snow had pooled here and the same thing happened as we set off to get to the beach by the lakeside. After that we went to the Marsh Boardwalk, a boardwalk going through the marsh, funnily enough, with lots of information along the way telling us about the wildlife, plants and birds we might spot. Other than what looked like a heron we didn’t see very much. We decided the summer or autumn (fall!) might be a better time to come! However, Simon and Sami did like the “horse trees” in the woodlands on the edge of the marsh!
We enjoyed the drive there and back, though the drive back was a lot easier with directions being remembered from the back of the car (backseat drivers, says Simon!)! The rolling hills and open countryside were beautiful as were some of the small towns we passed through. Simon was particularly taken by passing through Warkworth, having been there only 48 hours previously, this Warkworth, however, had no Medieval castle sitting on a hill covered in daffodils! I think I know which Warkworth he prefers!
Back to reality today and Arrowsmith!


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