Spring is slowly creeping up on us, it comes and goes, teasing terribly! Yesterday the parent’s walking group, together with Theo, went for a walk in the beautiful Jackson Park, with misty drizzle accompanying us. It was quite lovely if a little bleak still and somewhat wet and as we wandered through we discussed our disbelief that the Peterborough City Council is considering building a 4 lane bridge cutting right across this beautiful park. The morning warmed up as I made way around Downtown doing various errands and it was blissful to feel the sun warm on my face but by late in the afternoon it was so very cold again with the wind whipping through my raincoat.
Today it was cold and rather wet but I noticed that the buds on the trees on the Rotary walk have developed a tinge of spring green – it can’t be too long until there are spring green leaves bursting forth. And I noticed a stunning carpet of blue flowers (Siberian Squill perhaps?) on the grass outside my friend’s house – I believe that we appreciate small joys like these much more when the world has been so black and white for a long time as it was this winter.
I looked for an inspiring poem or quote about spring to add to this post but couldn’t find anything that really reflected the thrill of watching the gradual warming and blossoming that is happening around us. Perhaps I didn’t look hard enough – do you have any suggestions?


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