A sea of blue

A sea of blue

This is the blue carpet I mentioned yesterday. I had to go back and take a photo today as yesterday was so cloudy and grey in the morning whereas this afternoon was a big blue sky afternoon. The sun was shining in the right direction and they (whatever they are called – anyone?) were pointing up to capture as much sun as they could, just like all the people who were out walking. Where have all these people come from? I think they were hibernating all winter!
The late afternoon was so glorious I just kept on walking and walking, I didn’t want to come back inside. There were mouth-watering barbecue smells, squirrels rustling in the leaves, birds singing in the trees and the sun so warm I rolled up my sleeves! There were MIL (men in lycra) gathering for an evening bike ride along the trails and children sitting fishing by Little Lake, I have to admit to worrying about the fact they weren’t wearing life jackets and would I be brave enough to throw myself into the rushing water if one of them had fallen in. Fortunately they didn’t so I didn’t have to answer that question!
Simon spent some of his day tidying up rubbish in the area around the school – I’m not sure if this was an Arrowsmith initiative or a Clean Up Canada Day or was it because of Earth Day. Anyway, he had some fun and they found a good deal of rubbish which is now no longer littering the streets. Some of the students found tyres and others found a pair of undies! Simon says there was all sorts of rubbish!
They also had a visitor, a previous student who came back to tell the current students about what they are doing now, having finished Arrowsmith. She told them about her course at Uni where she is studying biology and how to look after wild animals and get them ready to return to the wild. She said she wouldn’t have managed the course as well as she is managing if she hadn’t been to Arrowsmith. Simon said it was encouraging to hear her story and enjoyed meeting her.
The other exciting thing that Simon told me tonight is that he is playing soccer (otherwise, and more correctly, known as football!). Amazing that he is playing soccer/football since when he previously played we could never tell if he was on the pitch or off and when the ball came in his direction he would run away! Now he is playing GOALIE! He says he can do it now because his hand-eye co-ordination is better and he can belt the ball away and he is not scared of crowds running at him! Another amazing unexpected benefit of the Arrowsmith programme!


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