An inspiring story for your weekend reading.

An inspiring story for your weekend reading.

This is such a great story – I thought I should share it and I know that we have as many happy parents and students at our Arrowsmith Peterborough school. And here is our inspiring young man (in his new hoodie – do you like it?) who is working so hard and going so well with his programme for the most part! This was a frustrating week for Simon as he really wants to master the next level of tracing and just can’t quite make it yet! He did, oh so coyly, tell me that he had, however, mastered another level of word!

A fascinating and inspiring story of success from Eaton Arrowsmith School to close out the week!

Thought we’d end the week with a story we received recently from one of our parents at EAS Victoria. While it is of course wonderful to hear of the cognitive and academic changes that our student has made, what is really reaffirming is that the feeling of love and nurturing that we believe is paramount in order to set the stage for these changes, was felt by this boy and his family. As a staff we always ask ourselves ‘How would we want our own children to be taught/treated?’ In only the best, most compassionate way. That’s what we want for your children as well. Happy reading!

“My son is now in his fourth and final year at EAS. He is extremely happy at the school despite the challenging work of the program.

My son was one of the youngest students at the time – I enrolled him when he was eight and had just started grade 4 in our local school. I had attempted to advocate for him for several years as it was apparent to me that he was not learning at the same pace as his older brother and his fellow classmates. Unfortunately due to the lack of resources, our public school was unable to provide him with much additional assistance and they would not even test him for a learning disability. As he had no behavioural issues he was overlooked when it came to choosing the few students who would be tested. He was falling between the cracks. It was at this point that I realized I needed to look elsewhere and have him privately tested. After much research, I discovered there were two options in Victoria: one was a Christian private school which based itself on “traditional bypass” methods which teach the kids to work around their lifelong learning disabilities and the other was a new school, Eaton Arrowsmith which promised actual cognitive change through intensive cognitive exercises that strengthen weak or non-existent neural pathways. As opposed to learning ways around the disability, the EAS method was getting to the root of the problem. EAS offered hope for a future of endless possibilities for my son. Despite the cost, I opted to enroll him into EAS immediately and pulled him out of his public school. I have struggled financially with this decision but I feel it has been well worth it to see the positive changes in my child. This is a real investment in the future – his future.

I have seen tremendous changes in my son over the last four years. He was painfully shy, would not even go to birthday parties as there were too many kids there, would not participate in sports, disliked and resisted anything to do with reading/schoolwork and had a very short attention span. He had a speech issue and was difficult to understand and could not even recognize the letters of the alphabet consistently. Today he is a completely different child. Not only is he now reading and interested in academics but he has developed a great deal of personal confidence. His speech problem has almost cleared up without seeing a speech pathologist as he did at his old school. He has many friends including some of the older kids at EAS. He can speak in front of the class and in front of groups. He has developed a great sense of humour and EAS also encouraged his creativity. He now loves phys-ed and has really enjoyed some of the sports that EAS has introduced him to. He is quite proud of his badminton skills. The most encouraging thing for me is that he is actually interested in reading! He is not avoiding it anymore but will actively try to read a difficult word by sounding it out and then is so proud when he gets it.

EAS encourages each child in their personal interests and welcomes the kids to share their ideas and interests at school. The staff at EAS has created an incredible environment that fosters a real sense of community. It is amazing to see the students encourage and support one another. EAS also celebrates each child’s mastery in the various exercises which encourages the child to keep going and stay motivated.

I am pleased with the progress my son has made particularly in the area of reading but I am thrilled with the overall development of a confident young man who will be re-entering the school system next fall.”


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