Weekend antics!

Weekend antics!

This was the beautiful sky as we walked Amanda back home after our pot luck today. Simon had invited the students from his class and their families to come over. Not everyone could come but those who did had a good time, plenty of good food and good company! As the afternoon wore on, we played celebrity heads – and there was much talk afterwards of which part of the brain was being used during the game, not a usual conversation after a game of celebrity heads, I suspect, and not something about which I would have given a thought before Simon started at Arrowsmith! Simon is going to check with Mr Coppins (the celebrity that I put on his head!) tomorrow and I will let you know!
Looking back, yesterday evening Simon and I went to the Showplace where we enjoyed a great concert – the first half being Professional Fanfare composed by Elizabeth Baum, Masonic Funeral Music by Mozart and then Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copeland, all a prelude to Beethoven’s Symphony no 9. Our enjoyment was all the greater because the conductor, Michael Newnham, had given an enthusiastic, funny and enlightening talk prior to the concert about the Symphony, that together with a CD (lent to me by one of the Arrowsmith mums) about Beethoven’s life and the Symphony gave us a much better understanding of the music. Michael Newnham reminded me of one of our favourite Australian conductors, Richard Gill. I had thought that we were being graced by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in Peterborough – my mistake, it was the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra but, for me, whether is was the TSO or the PSO, it was a wonderful performance, and as Michael Newnham said “This music is life-affirming” and indeed it was. It was the first time Simon had seen an orchestra playing, other than his school orchestra and he really enjoyed it. It struck me that it must be a very joyful experience playing such wonderful music in an orchestra! I wish I had had the opportunity to play a string instrument and be part of an orchestra and even more than that, that I had paid more attention in music at school, rather than plotting how we could most upset our music teacher – Mr Escott, wherever you are, I am truly sorry that I didn’t appreciate your love of music and your teaching then. My musical knowledge because I didn’t pay attention is scanty to say the least.
Before the concert we had a day of preparing for the pot-luck, with shopping at the farmer’s market and cleaning the apartment and listening to the third book in the “Tomorrow” series – such compelling listening. John Marsden has captured the grimness, boredom, terror and heroics of war so well.
And of course, our weekend started at Friday night – I really enjoy and look forward to Andrea’s conversation and a glass of Aussie wine, this week with the added bonus of a delicious vegetarian chilli, Simon enjoying the fun in the basement.
Tomorrow I am off on a trip to Europe – so easy to hop to Europe from here rather than the long haul from Sydney! Simon is looking forward to his freedom! I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends, celebrating birthdays and good craic in Dublin with Michael. Happy days!


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