Lots of birthdays to celebrate! My sister deserved a treat for her birthday and so I took her to a special restaurant, one with so many memories for us. We had a beautiful five course lunch, this is Scottish salmon, with radishes grown in the garden, with horseradish cream and cucumber. It was divine! We decided the most delicious course was Vicky’s pudding, a spectacular and incredibly rich Le Manoir version of Millionaire’s Shortbread. We, unfortunately, didn’t enjoy the gardens as it was torrential rain as we left. Just a few minutes later the sun was shining and we had a wonderful view of the glorious green British countryside. I am loving seeing all the spring green leaves and the bluebells everywhere!
We talked to Simon late in the evening, he had had a frustrating day whilst Amanda had had a great day! She mastered 8 handed clocks, such an achievement! Congratulation! Your time wiIll come, Simon! I have left the rain behind in Peterborough!

Today I had a fabulous surprise with Michael arriving from Sydney! I was expecting him to meet us in Brussels on Friday! It was so nice to have a long catch up in the car as we drove up to Loughborough to se Lara for her birthday! She was as surprised as I was!
We had a great picnic with Lara and her friends in a very pretty local park, great food prepared by Victor, Kim and Freya. It is good to see where Lara has lived and studied for the last few months and to meet her housemates and Uni friends. So lovely to see Lara too!
Happy birthdays, Vicky and Lara!


4 thoughts on “Celebrations!

  1. Have a wonderful birthday celebration Vicky. I’m sure your big sister will be looking after you very well. Love Stella

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