This is the beautiful living room of the house of weekend birthday celebrations! Such a fun time, so many activities! Arriving on Friday, starting with cocktails and barbecue and salad as, with everyone mucking and helping, not necessarily sticking the roster! The joy of being away with friends and everyone mucking in together and chatting all the while, you get to know people so well.
Yesterday we walked, cycled, dressed for the Gala Dinner as our favourite pop star! The outfits were wonderful, Elvis came as did Kiss, Dusty, Jimmy Hendrix but the stars of the show were Abba! The girls performed a fabulous dance, particularly tricky with a broken toe wedged into platform boots but they danced with aplomb, nonetheless! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Things got rather messy as the night wore on and we started swapping wigs then costumes! It was just as well I didn’t have my iPad handy! The living room was a sight to behold this morning with wigs and platform boots draped all over, the messy aftermath!
A long breakfast this morning and this afternoon we will wander through Orval, a monastery famous for its beer and cheese!
No word from Simon so hoping that all is well in Peterborough and that he is not too cranky at being there rather than here! The end of the school year is approaching!


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    • It was such a fun weekend and what a spectacular friend you are !Brigitte! all the way from Melbourne, just for the weekend! So glad you could come and join in all the fun! I know Vicky was thrilled you were there!

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