All good things come to an end!

All good things come to and end!

Our final meal in the gorgeous house in Sechery, a mammoth effort by Victor and Lara with the help of Thomas! Eggs Benedict for those who stayed until the end of the party, about 22 of us all up! A lot of eggs and divine Hollandaise! I didn’t think I could eat for a week! Tidying up the house and then off to Namur, a picturesque town on the way back to Brussels.
We wandered around Namur, along the river, through the old town and after much confusion we all met up at a bar, Belgian beer or cider accompanied by chips with mayonnaise, which, shockingly, I managed to eat, despite having felt I couldn’t eat another thing! And then we got back to London and started cooking, another feast, fun and laughter with the birthday girls, whilst chatting with Simon and Amanda in Peteborough, showing them the crazy photos from Saturday night’s Gala Dinner!


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