We are lucky enough to be staying in the gorgeous Merrion Hotel in Dublin. A fabulous room, comfy bed, an interesting art collection, a lovely cellar bar where we recovered from our oh so interesting but so very cold hop on, hop off red bus tour of the city, delicious skinny soup, as it was called on the menu, followed by mussels and chips warmed us up! But probably, at least for me, the best thing is the swimming pool which is beautiful and the functional little gym beside it. Yesterday morning, my husband said words to me that I never, ever thought I would hear him say! “Let’s go the gym”! I have waited almost 28 years to hear that! So we headed for the gym, him to the stationary bike and me to the treadmill, but since the cross trainer was beside the bike I thought it would be more companiable to use the cross trainer instead! Much harder work, but many more calories for the same time, so I think I am converted now! Maximum benefit, minimum time is my gym maxim!
Off to lunch with some very dear and special friends, via Grafton Street and the Little Museum of Dublin on Henrietta Street. What a great museum, with pictures, photos and artefacts to describe the history of Dublin, together with a tour guide, who was both witty and knowledgeable, a winning combination! I then headed around St Stephens Green to Shanahans for lunch, past the paintings on the railings, I loved this green post box, only in Ireland!
Off to lunch again now! More tomorrow, if time permits! I am sure you can’t wait, Richard!
In the meantime Simon is going to have fun with Vicky in Toronto!


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