Off to Toronto!

Off to Toronto!

A long weekend here, prior to next week’s assessment fortnight so Simon and I decided we needed a treat (well, I don’t really but he does!). Given that the next two weeks will be very demanding for Simon we didn’t want to venture too far so Toronto it is and we are seeing the Lion King tonight! This is the second weekend in a row for Simon since he met up with Vicky last weekend in Toronto – hopping on the Greyhound bus by himself – another thing he would not have done before Arrowsmith! They had a great time, visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Francis Bacon exhibition was a bit dark, according to Vicky. The highlight for Simon was going up the CN Tower, recorded in a very windswept photo of them! We will see what the weather is up to – Simon is keen to go up there again but I am not so sure, heights and me are not a good combination!
Yesterday was a PD day, no Arrowsmith for the students. Our grand plan of mini-golf was cancelled due to the miserable weather and we joined our Arrowsmith friends at that hunting and fishing place, as Simon called it. We spent a happy couple of hours shooting air rifles and crossbows – fun but scary, especially the cross bows as they were so powerful! Friday night followed with the usual great mix of conversation and a couple of glasses of Aussie red, with Simon downstairs hanging with the guys.
Must dash and get ready ! I hope you like the sign which I photographed the other day as I thought Simon would appreciate it as Rusty loves him so much, even though Simon has temporarily abandoned him!


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