All turbaned up!

All turbaned up!

We are enjoying being tourists in Toronto! After arriving on the Greyhound bus, finding our apartment, we set to find lunch. A small Japanese restaurant nearby had caught Simon’s eye on our way so back we went to find it. It was perfect and whilst lunching we decided to hop onto the hop on hop off bus to learn about Toronto. It was a good move, it took us around with interesting commentary, not as witty as in Ireland, mind you! Toronto has the third largest theatre district in the world, English speaking world that is, 99 public libraries including the Toronto Reference library which was the source of the facts for the original Trivial Pursuit, is the most multi cultural city in the world with the number one food market in the world! There aren’t many old buildings as there have been 2 great fires which destroyed most of them! The bus went very slowly so we decided to get off at Yonge and Dundas Square which was full of people in turbans! We got turbaned up too! Unfortunately, Simons unravelled so we couldn’t wear them all evening but we did enjoy the funny looks as we walked back to our apartment! The reason for the turbans was a Sikh festival to increase awareness of The Sikh religion. It was certainly effective.
A quick but tasty dinner at Joe Baldini’s, Sharing a big bowl of Pazzo Gemelli with everything in it, chicken, chorizo, prawns, mozzarella and red peppers! I think that the everything in it is what appealed to Simon! We made it healthier with a side bowl oh kale chips! who are we kidding?
Onto “The Lion King”, our reason for being here! It was just as visually stunning and clever as I had remembered and Simon enjoyed it too! He was on the aisle but this time he knew the animals came down the aisle at the beginning of the show whereas last time, when he was much younger, he almost jumped out of his skin when the elephant danced past! Simon would like the other Lion King films to be made into shows too! We will be having a Lion King movie marathon soon!
I have always wanted to walk home after the theatre so as not to break the magic by having to get the bus or hop on a tube or whatever other transport options there might be, and last night I got to do it!! It was quite magical to be immersed in The Lion King one moment and standing on the balcony looking over the sparkling cityscape only a couple of minutes later!
Today we hopped on the hop on hop off bus again, after a breakfast of crepes, ham and cheese for me and an indulgent mix of strawberries, chocolate and Nutella for Simon! We hopped off at the Royal Ontario Museum and spent some hours exploring all the exhibits as well as the exhibition all about the Forbidden Palace in China, which was fascinating. Simon was especially interested in the dinosaurs and wondered how do they find the bones and put them back together. I think it is just like doing a giant 3D puzzle! A career option perhaps?
A little lunch in Yorkville and then we hopped onto the bus again to go to the Distillery district. On our way there the heavens opened and after wandering through some of art and craft stalls, the poor stall holders were so cold and miserable and many were packing up early, we decided to call it a day.
Now we find ourselves sitting out on our balcony on the 28th floor in the warm sun! I wouldn’t mind a nice crisp Pinot Grigio at this point but a cup of tea will have to do!


2 thoughts on “All turbaned up!

  1. After reading this yesterday I had some very weird dreams involving some of the Chapman family and strange head gear!!!! Does eating cheese do that??!!

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