Toronto continued!

Toronto continued!

As the sun went down and the temperature dropped we decided to seek out some dinner, wandering off to Chinatown. We found an authentic looking Chinese restaurant filled with Chinese diners which is always a good sign. After being seated near the toilets, as often happens to me, it was a while before the waitress came to take our order and then to check our order she shouted our order back at us. It put me in mind of the famous London “eating hole’ Wong Kee where we had a number of cheap and cheerful (and extremely hurried) meals! A feast of Peking Duck – delicious and enough leftovers for tonight too!
This morning we headed for the Lake side we found a lack of restaurants and cafes – perhaps the best breakfast places are only to be found in Sydney and Melbourne and that breakfast is a meal that Australians particularly love! We found a café where Simon could have waffles just by a cat and dog rescue place, Pawsway. We read about heroic cats and dogs saving families from fires, drowning after falling through ice and from bear attacks. I wondered all about all the fires but perhaps there are many more here because the heating has to be on for so much of the year. I couldn’t read all the citations as there were so many and some of them, where the dog or cat had died saving their owner, made me rather teary.
Onto the Greyhound, Peterborough bound, a fun game of mini-golf with friends and now I must away as Simon needs to sleep. Assessments start tomorrow – good luck everyone!


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