Assessment time!

Assessment time!

Wise words on the board again – all the Arrowsmith students know how much hard work they have done and they have plenty of training to fall back on for their assessments. And yet, there was palpable tension in the room when I took this photo this morning – there is still a lack of confidence in their abilities for some of the students after so many years of struggling with their learning difficulties. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than whatever you feel worried about doing (or not being able to do or not performing your best or whatever it is you are worried about). Anyway, the assessments have started and hopefully they will be over fairly soon and then we have to wait until July for the results. I can’t wait to see how far Simon has come compared to his assessment results last September because I can see such changes in him in terms of his dealings with people, both those he knows and those he doesn’t, and in situations which were once challenging for him. His confidence has increased which is so lovely to see.
On other Arrowsmith fronts, we heard the other day that two more schools in Australia are now offering the Arrowsmith programme and there are two further prospective schools. In Canada there are 17 schools offering the Arrowsmith programme and 7 prospective schools, in the US there are 26 schools offering the programme with another 3 prospective schools. Slowly the word is spreading and increasing numbers of students have the opportunity to benefit from, as Simon puts it, “having their brains fixed and upgraded”. So much potential will be realised and the benefits for each of the students and their families will be enormous, thanks to the pioneering work of Barbara Arrowsmith Young. How long will it be before there is a paradigm shift in education to allow this programme to be available to all those who need it?


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