So long, farewell..

So long, farewell..

The farewells have started and the next few weeks are going to be sad as families start to leave, some sooner than others, heading home after being away too long, even before graduation. Today we adults went to a lovely pot luck on Chemong Lake, such a beautiful setting, sitting on the balcony looking out over the lake, basking in the sunshine, enjoying the companionship of the Arrowsmith families. It was such a treat but as everyone began to leave, the goodbyes began as those who won’t see each other again parted ways. I am not good at goodbyes (as Simon will attest loudly!) and it is only going to get worse as people leave for good and who knows when we will see them again. I hope the friendships we have found and our common bond will hold us together despite the tyranny of distance.
The glorious day continued and I walked over to a friend’s to borrow a bike so that I can cycle with Simon to Arrowsmith rather than run (walk fast, actually) beside him! On my way through the park, I couldn’t help but wonder at the beauty of the spring leaves – that very particular shade of green, so light and vibrant, there should be a specific word for that green. I think the long, long winter has made me especially aware of spring and the emerging of new life – it is such a joy after the monochromatic winter. There was a lovely scene in the park, a bike leaning against a tree, and on the other side a long-legged girl leaning up against the tree reading in the late afternoon sun – I didn’t feel I could interrupt her to take a photo so instead I tried to capture the vibrant spring green.
Such a beautiful time of day I really didn’t want to return to what my husband teasingly refers to as our tenement, not that he has spent much time here! But as I came back into the apartment from the beauty of Chemong Lake and then the bike ride it did feel somewhat dingy!
In the meantime, the assessments continue apace and happily, Simon is a little tired but so far not nearly as wiped out as he was by the assessments when we first arrived.


2 thoughts on “So long, farewell..

  1. Picture the scene. The long-legged, good-looking man, not looking a day over 40, was sitting amongst the perfect green of the bamboo in his Chiswick garden, the sunlight dancing upon the curves of his strong body, caressing a cool gin & tonic, beads of condensation rolling down the glass. He sat bolt upright at the thought that he may be able to say ‘so long, farewell’ at last to these bloody blogs

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