How football sounds to people that just don’t care

With the fact that the World Cup is coming up soon I read this and loved – so very clever and funny! Enjoy! I am off to Toronto shortly to pick up Jean soon – we are looking forward to showing her the sights of Peterborough and taking her to the Arrowsmith Programme so she can meet the wonderful teachers and Simon’s fellow students.

Stephen Liddell

I thought I would issue a bonus post today seeing as it took very little effort 🙂  I can’t claim credit for the text below just as I can’t track down where it originated from but I hope some of you will like it.

With the World Cup Football tournament looming and the football seasoning just ending I thought this was quite funny and can relate to it as someone who likes a bit of sport but even for my own team don’t believe it should feature in daily life/news.  I have removed some of the industrial language.

If football/soccer isn’t popular in your country, I’m sure you can substitute it for NFL/Hockey/IPL.  The funny thing is that as someone really into history and archaeology, I get annoyed with the obsession over Egyptian mummies, pyramids and Pharaohs.

Firstly, imagine every time within a day that football is mentioned by someone…

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