Welcome to Canada Jean!

Welcome to Canada Jean!

Not a moment to pause, Jean arrived in Toronto on Friday evening and we went directly to Friday night to pick up Simon, stopping to have a chat and a glass of wine before we left. Then straight off to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, which is outside again and much expanded now, to pick up supplies for our weekend sojourn at Pines Vista. A quick lunch and then we headed for Lakefield, stopping for an ice cream along the way – impossible to find – only available from June we were told! Onto Pines Vista, and after settling ourselves in the cottage, we went to see if the racoons were still in the dumpster but they must have found a new home as there were no big eyes looking up at us! We tried to go for a walk along one of the nature trails but it was too swampy. So Simon and I went for a swim – the pool was a delicious temperature, not too cold and not too hot! Impossible to think that it really wasn’t that long ago that we were there with Stella, we slithered through the snow to reach the frozen pool and that the spa felt just warm and not hot as it does now! And our view from the cottage was of a beautiful shining blue lake, boats all over the place and green, green grass which was constantly being mown! On our evening walk we were lucky enough to spot a tiny chipmunk and, we think, a beaver but it could have been a groundhog! I am going to believe it was a beaver! An iconic Canadian!
On Sunday we made enquiries about the possibility of hiring the house on the island for a family summer holiday in 2015 – I think we are getting ahead of ourselves! We were taken out to see it on the cruising boat which meant easy access for Jean and a little jaunt on Stoney Lake. It was such a beautiful spot and I am sure we would have a wonderful time beetling back and forth in the boat, fires in the fire pit, barbecues, fishing and swimming in the lake and relaxing in the sun.
Lunch was calling so we headed to Young’s Point to the Old Bridge Inn with their new patio, with the sun shining, we enjoyed a great lunch, a short walk and then Kawartha Dairy ice creams from the Lockside Trading Company – maple and walnut being my choice whilst Simon had a hideously blue bubblegum flavour and Jean, Irish Cream.
Back to Pines Vista for a run out in an aluminium tinny, Simon and I went out past a very few of the 1,100 islands to see the wide expanse of Stoney Lake – there were big waves and quite a strong current. It was amazing but we didn’t venture too far as all the islands looked the same and we felt quite nervous about getting lost, not to mention the difficulty of steering with a tiller (where you push it in the opposite direction to the direction in which you want to go, which takes some getting used to!).
Simon and I tried to walk the long nature trail only to flee in the face of thousand of mosquitoes – I have never, even in Australia, seen so many mosquitoes or so massive! Instead we had some fun in the games room and then got Jean in there, playing pool! Girls vs boy as suggested by Simon – Simon won but only just! Followed by a delicious barbeque!
This morning we got up early to make the journey to Arrowsmith, with me returning to breakfast on the balcony with Jean whilst Simon continued with assessments. Shortly after breakfast Simon called to say that his testing was finished and could we come and pick him up – so we did! Jean met Jill and the few students who were still at Arrowsmith, most having finished their testing and having the day off. Mr Coppins also was also away for a very exciting reason – more news to follow! Amanda spent some time explaining 10 handed clocks to us – wow! It is so complicated!
Our highlight of the day was the beautiful meandering walk we had with Sami and his lovely Mum down to Little Lake, stopping at the Silver Bean Café for iced teas and coffees.
All in all, a great weekend and Monday too!


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