You might not believe that the Peterborough Lift Lock is worth visiting…

You might not believe that the Peterborough Lift Lock is worth visiting...

but it is! Anyway, I will get back to the Lift Lock later. Yesterday we had a beautiful lunch at Arrowsmith to say goodbye to two of the students who are in the West Class room who are leaving Peterborough this weekend before the term ends officially. Sami’s mum shopped and cooked for 3 days to make a fabulous meal for all the students, teachers and the few parents who were able to get there. Mr Coppins said the West Room had never seen such a feast! It was great to be able to share it with the students who are relaxed and happy now the assessments are done. Five students are leaving to go onto new adventures and we wish them all the best for their futures. Having finished their Arrowsmith programmes they can now go onto pursue their dreams.
Jean and I had a lovely evening walk around the Marina and got to Friday night rather later than I usually do. Good conversation and a glass of wine made for another interesting Friday night.
This morning saw us at the Farmer’s Market buying more beautiful produce to supply us for the week. After lunch we went on the top tourist attraction in Peterborough – the Lift Lock Cruise and, dare I say it, it was even better with Captain Jody than it was when we were invited on board at the end of the season, all those months ago last October! The commentary was very entertaining and we know more about the Lift Lock and the Trent Seven Waterways than we knew there was to know! The mechanism of the Lift Lock is extraordinary and to think, it is now 110 years old (and it was only meant to work for 80 years!) and still the highest Lift Lock in the world! Once we had gone up, 63 feet, in the Lift Lock it certainly seemed a long way up!
A beautiful evening awaits us so we shall head off for a walk now, mosquitoes permitting!


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