Writing 101, a hard task

Unsafe containers

That is the task for today, well actually yesterday but I am a day behind, writing about which emotions overflow! Good grief, do I do this from my point of view, do I have to be honest and true? I don’t quite know how to approach it, don’t know at all but then this is an exercise in flexing writing muscles so I guess there is no right or wrong answer, which is hard for me, being a goody too shoes and a scientist to boot! And I feel I failed in the first task as I did the required time of free writing but didn’t read the twist at the end so edited it before I published, agh! Have to remind myself again it is an exercise (for fun!).
So, what would I say? Contentment, but is that an emotion? If contentment doesn’t count then happiness, however I think being content with one’s life is more important than being happy. being appreciative of all the good things in my life, a wonderful husband, my/our beautiful children who have grown into such great young people, my fabulous, energetic sister and auntie, even a great brother in law! Not to mention a wealth of wonderful friends whose friendship fills my life with love, laughter and wisdom. And we are in the fortunate position to be able to do the best we can for our family, being here in Canada with Simon being the best example of that that I can think of! I hope it doesn’t sound to smug to say I feel content with my lot in life! So many blessings!

And now I have gone back to the Writing 101 page and found that the task was not unsafe containers at all but to write about a room you would like to go now! Well, that’s easy, a beautiful big kitchen with a great big table filled with all my favourite people, cooking fabulous food and drinking great wines! Then again, the comfy corner of our big sofa with a cup of tea and a great book is very appealing too but the kitchen wins out! There! Now I have done the wrong writing challenge and the right one but I haven’t told you what’s been happening in Peterborough! A beautiful walk in Burnham Woods, despite the rain in the morning! And a massive rainstorm in the afternoon and Arrowsmith life is back to normal, after the assessments, according to Simon.


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