Writing 101 days 3 & 4 and news, all in one!

First I have to start with the news, which is exciting. Another coy smile from Simon and I knew something was up! you guessed it! he had mastered Word today! Congratulations! Hooray! I am impressed at how all the students are working so hard even though the end of the year is fast approaching! Mr Coppins has told Simon that as he masters more tracing and word levels, that will help him with his clock exercises, so this is a great step in that direction. Well done Simon!
For day 3 of Writing 101, which I didn’t explain very clearly, is a challenge thrown out by the kind folks at WordPress to encourage us bloggers, the subject is to write about three songs that mean something to you. I don’t think they had to change your life but are important. It has taken some time to decide and a pretty quirky mix it is. First, the Howard Goodall version of The Lord is my shepherd, in part because it was on the CD I have been listening to recently with Alfie (oh my brain needs “fixing”too as I am having a mind blank about his surname, anyway, he sang in the Queens golden Jubilee Concert, has a fabulous voice, and even after all those prompts my brain is decidedly ignoring me and I can’t find what I’m looking for!). It is such a beautiful psalm and reminds me of the beautiful singing of the Girls Vocal Choir and Matins on Tuesday mornings in St Andrews Cathedral when I went along to support Emma and the other girls, doubling their audience! congregation actually! as I had to point out to Emma. It was a beautiful way in which to start my day, despite the usual chaos getting there. In complete contrast, I have to include Bruce Springsteen, his concert at Wembley being a pivotal time in my relationship with Michael. 28 years later sitting on his shoulders in the mosh pit is no longer possible but it was amazing at the time! Which song to pick? Glory Days, Dancing in the Dark, I think Born in The USA. Which one would you pick Michael? And last, I’m not sure if this counts but Pachebels Canon is my choice, for music lovers rather pedestrian I’m sure, but for me it evokes a time when Simon was a tiny baby in intensive care. By having one ear piece in one of my ears and one in his, I felt a great connection with him and I hoped I was blocking out some of the horrible noises that only happen in ICU. I also had read that playing classical music to sick children helped them heal more quickly, I’m not sure that is proven but it makes sense to me. How to limit oneself to only 3 songs, what about Blue Moon which makes us all cringe and laugh when Vicky and Richard sing it, Mrs Brown, the Mica song with Lara and Laura dancing, Nessun Dorma that made me cry the first time I heard it sung after my father died, Lady In Red at parties when Michael finds me so we can dance, the first Carly Simon album I bought, Bridge over Troubled Water which Mummy loved, Jean singing We Could Have Danced All Night! So many songs, so many memories, too many to share but thanks Writing 101 for reminding me of them.
For day 4, today, hurray, I’ve caught up, the task is called Serial Killer, write about something, or someone, you’ve lost. Well, I’ve decided there has been a great deal of loss in my life, too much so I’m not going to tackle that one, not now and not on the blog. Perhaps I could write something witty about losing my first goldfish and how we held a ceremony for him but not tonight! Goodnight!


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