Catching up!

Catching up!

The year end is fast approaching and we had a lovely End of the Year Potluck today at the home of Michelle and Wade, Chloe and Max. Simon spent most of the time lolling in the pool on a fancy lilo whilst all the younger students tried to remove him from it! He clung to it like a limpet and stayed on, despite their best efforts! Only emerging from the pool when the Pavlova came out – our contribution! Pavlova was not known in Canada – it is now, at least amongst the Arrowsmith community in Peterborough! It was a fun afternoon, full of chat and laughter and the usual great mix of food that comes with any potluck, slipping into the evening. More goodbyes as not everyone is staying until Graduation (for those students who are finishing this year), Simon is anticipating me being a blubbering mess on Friday! I’ll try not to be but no promises!
It was still quite early when we got back and I can’t bear to be in our dingy apartment on these long evenings so we went for a lovely walk to Millenium Park, crossed the river, walked all the way up to London Bridge and then headed homewards as it got dark. These evening walks with Simon are special, just chatting and walking, I guess some people would call them “quality time”!
Yesterday, of course, we enjoyed Friday night – the usual mix of a glass or two of red wine and great conversation whilst I hear Simon laughing and chatting in the basement with the other boys/young men. Nothing exciting to report from Arrowsmith yesterday according to Simon.
Up to date now I believe and there is no assignment today for writing 101! Funny, I am a bit disappointed about that!


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