Breakfast – best meal of the day!

Breakfast - best meal of the day!

And I think you can guess who had the “Sweet Crepes” with rose cream cheese, rhubarb (and bonus mango – not on the menu!) and strawberry compote and who had the “Creamed Peas”, a scrumptious combination of creamed peas on sourdough, sausage and crispy potatoes with a perfect poached egg – delicious! The fabulous Two Dishes Cookshop was our choice of breakfast venue and it was as delicious as it was when I went with Stella, though I had been hoping for the French toast extravangza that Stella had enjoyed! Oh well, the creamed peas were perfect and only now are we thinking a tiny touch of dinner might be in order – no need for lunch!
A long walk after breakfast helped our digestion, so many stunning irises in the parks along the way – I now have a collection of photographs of irises in many shades of purple and amazing yellow irises with tiger colours. Nature at her very best!
Our afternoon was spent beginning to pack up our apartment, Simon being the organiser behind this! We have packed up a surprisingly amount and it doesn’t look as if we have packed anything! It is scary how much we have managed to accumulate here over the last few months, at least we don’t have to take it back and forth to Australia, we can store it in the house that Simon (and me some of the time) will be moving to!
Our afternoon was rather sober though, listening to the final audio book in the “Tomorrow When The War Began” series. Throughout the series John Marsden paints a chilling picture of war, nobody comes out without scars, both physical and psychological, no individual, no family, no town. It is one of those series of books that stays with you as it is so thought provoking and makes me feel that we are very fortunate not to have had to suffer through a war. Too many people have had to, and still are, and it is something no one should have to suffer.
Goodness, from breakfast and packing to war – you never know what you might find on our blog!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast – best meal of the day!

  1. Trust me, I think I am a good judge of what I might find on this blog. I will miss it, but I also miss Mutually Assured Destruction.

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