The end is nigh!

The end is nigh!

Today was the End of School Year excursion, Simon left very early to get to Arrowsmith for 7.45 – I was thanking the rain as that meant he got a ride (thank you Lynette!) and I didn’t have to cycle or make sure he got the really early bus there! The downside of the rain was that we parents couldn’t go on our bike ride to Omemee – it was just too wet and we are not that confident as riders! Sorting and packing, a brief interlude at the gym and lunch instead. More packing with Simon tonight whilst he told me of the day out – a bus journey to Toronto to see the Medieval Times, a show involving horses, knights, a princess and one king. There was jousting and sword fighting, all whilst they were eating lunch, Medieval style, that is, eating with your hands – much to Simon’s delight! Simon said it was lots of fun and he really enjoyed it. I am sure he was born in the wrong era – he should have been a caveman, then he could grunt and eat with his hands, no-one would have worried about it or nagged him!
And just when I was on top of my writing assignments, I just can’t do it today – too much packing going on, so two assignments tomorrow – oh well!
And this is another photo from yesterday with our lovely Parents walking group (without Frances and Theo, we missed you!).


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