We came, we shopped, we accumulated!

We came with 4 suitcases some nine months ago. We are leaving for the summer with 4 suitcases and this is what we have accumulated in the meantime and are leaving behind in the basement of our new townhouse!cader lofts, packing 008 We tried hard not to accumulate stuff but somehow we have accumulated a great deal! Some was given to us, some found by the side of the road, some bought at thrift shops and as for the rest… I don’t know!
Two days of sorting and packing with Simon keeping me focussed and we are pretty much done! This afternoon we are off for a late barbecue and swim with good friends. For tomorrow, my plan is to have a day cycling, somewhat thwarted by the unfortunate disappearance of my bike last weekbut I can borrow one from a friend. On Tuesday Simon is going to Canada’s Wonderland with a group of Arrowsmith students – he will definitely avoid the “High Thrill” rides and stick with the water park. Whilst he is having some well deserved fun I will put the final touches to our move out of our apartment and maybe meet a friend for a beer or an ice cream!
Happy Father’s Day to all the Canadian Dads out there!


6 thoughts on “We came, we shopped, we accumulated!

  1. It is also Father’s Day in the US M Out for dinner in the hotel tonight and then ? More dancing! Mxxx ________________________________________

    • Happy US Father’s Day to you! Happy dancing! All those people who said you would love New Orleans were right! Perhaps you should say thanks to Geoff and Vicky who told you to go!

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