Writing 101 – day 11 – my home when I was 12 (and the usual blog too)

Writing 101 - day 11 - my home when I was 12 (and the usual blog too)

Not only my stolen bike but also the rain thwarted my plans for today – I really wanted to bike to the zoo at least, and if the weather was cool, and if Simon was cool (I’m so funny!), to Lakefield but no! So, instead we sorted, packed and moved the last of our things, did bits and pieces, changing our address at the bank, took a picture of the stolen bike to the police station (they weren’t in the least bit interested, even though they asked me to bring one in). That was enough, we had a Lion King movie marathon in the afternoon! Great animation, great lyrics and great escapism!
The Ashburnham Ale House was our choice for dinner, taking Andrea and Jonathan to thank them for all the Friday nights and good times we have had at their house this year. My smokin’ trout salad was delicious as was the beer! Simon enjoyed his ribs – anything eaten with fingers is good as far as he is concerned!
Walking back into our apartment with nothing on the walls to make it our own is quite shocking – so bland, as Simon observed. The photo illustrates our card wall, all the cards we brought with us and have been sent whilst we were here. That decoration for us was the difference between a home and a house.
Which leads me straight to
Writing 101 – day 11. Describe your house when you were 12 – vary your sentence lengths.
It is so clear to me although, funnily enough, I am not sure what time of year it was when we moved there. A very modern square, townhouses, seventies. Our house was on the outside of the square, overlooking the road and on the other side of the road the beautiful large detached Victorian houses, with their semi-circular drive in and out drives, sash bay windows on the ground floor with, I was sure, magnificent drawing and dining rooms, Upstairs, Downstairs basements where the kitchens were full of kitchen maids and a fiercesome housekeeper cooking whatever was fancied Upstairs, gracious bedrooms on the first floor and on the second floor, attic bedrooms for the servants, although in reality more likely for the children, and a huge garden behind the house, hidden from our view. Our modern house was so unromantic by comparison, straight up and down, a front door by the garage door was the façade to the world, into a narrow hall, stairs to the right, study to the left, which lead through to a small garden and a laundry at the end of the hallway. I had no idea how luxurious it was to have a separate laundry. let alone a garage! Upstairs to the kitchen, all mod-cons. A Sink-erator which we thought was brilliant – no smelly rubbish, it was all gobbled up and disappeared into the pipes below, although the occasional teaspoon wreaked havoc. There was a hatch from the kitchen to the dining room – so seventies! It seemed the height of convenience to have a hatch to pass the dishes through and not have to walk the few feet to the dining room. Another modern feature – the dining room and sitting room interconnected! We didn’t sit much in the sitting room, other than to watch television, at that point we only had one television and we all watched it together, which is entirely unimaginable for today’s 12 year old! But that was the way it was. The velvet sofa and armchairs, the dark coffee table and the nest of tables, all so clear in my mind, opposite an alcove in which there was the built in unit with cupboards on the bottom, a fake fireplace in the middle, above a beautiful mirror with shelves on each side, the Meissen shepherd and sherpherdess which my mother most treasured being in pride of place. Upstairs again, first coming to the spare room with another seventies feature, the sink in the bedroom, along the landing past the airing cupboard, then the main bedroom, with its white carpet, flowery curtains and ensuite bathroom, it seemed to me the epitome of elegance and sophistication, Would that I could ever have such a room! Upstairs again, into a square landing, four doors leading from it, one to my bedroom, one to my sister’s long narrow room, one to the “playroom” – I’m not sure that we ever played in there, I know I spent a lot of time studying at my small desk and probably almost as much time looking out of the window into the square below, and one in the bathroom. A fairly typical house of it’s time, our home. Who Knew? A home. A house. A killer design.


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