Writing 101 days 14 and 15 and Chicago

We are having a great time! Enjoying the sights of Chicago whilst Michael is at his conference. Did I mention that Simon and I went to the Shedd aquarium whilst Emma and Lara did the architectural boat tour, they loved it. The aquarium was so interesting and informative but I feel uneasy about having dolphins and particularly Beluga whales, such clever sensitive animals in a small space. Ribs at Carson’s followed, delicious as ever. Back to our hotel where Michael and I danced to the band in the Palm Court for a while, we enjoyed ourselves, whilst the Tango dancers took themselves very seriously and the Swing dancers swapped partners for each dance! Great dancing and great people watching!
Saturday started with a long walk to the beach and beyond, to the zoo. Is Chicago the only city with a free zoo? What a wonderful thing! So busy by 10am! We watched the gorillas for along time, fascinating but again a little uneasy about them being in such a confined space, but maybe they are safer there than in their natural habit. The jaguar was gorgeous, as was the lioness licking a bone clean, with her barbed tongue, which we read about!
We set off for Eataly, a fabulous shop/restaurant/providore, buying our picnic for the music festival at Rimageavinia. Onto the train, found our spot, got settled cracked open the prosecco and then the storm warning came. We got organised with bin bags for raincoats, but we had NO IDEA! From one moment to the next, the wether changed completely. Howling winds, huge raindrops, trees leaning, lightening flashing and thunder roaring. It was a reminder of the force of nature! We huddled under a tarpaulin but got soaked from the bottom up as the rain turned the ground to med and flooding! I have rarely been so wet! Sensible Simon sheltered I a building and was dry, unlike the rest of us! Eventually the rain subsided a little, we retreated, defeated! Back to our hotel with our soggy picnic!
Getting on the plane now, continued tomorrow!


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