Time is at a premium!

Just a quick, quick post as I have to get to the bank and do lots of other not so exciting things! We are currently in London, with a seemingly endless list of purchases to be made, shopping to be done, furniture to make and sorting all those things that need to be sorted with a new home and no internet for a week! I appreciate that is very much a first world problem but having no instant internet access makes life so complicated nowadays, which only serves to make me realise how addictive the internet is! Not an addiction that is possible to overcome, I fear!

Anyway, apart from all of the above we have had some respite, with Victor cooking us all a magnificent meal on Sunday evening – sending off Lara and Laura on their adventure around Greece and Turkey in great style! I also had a lovely lunch in King’s Road on Monday, in between buying mattress protectors and looking at garden furniture! Simon and Jean took themselves to Hamleys and Fortnum and Mason’s for afternoon tea!  And yesterday, Vicky treated Jean and me to a special day – tickets for Court number 2 at Wimbledon, where we watched some fabulous tennis, enjoyed a Pimms, Moet and strawberries and cream!

I have a moment to catch up with myself whilst everyone else has gone to “Wicked” – Simon’s favourite musical! I am sure they will have a fabulous time. Must dash now but I will post again soon – hopefully the internet will be connected before too long. To those friends I haven’t contacted I apologise but this move has been far more hectic than I ever imagined it might be, and that, despite everyone working so hard. To all our packers,lifters, shoppers, furniture makers, box unpackers, home organisers, you know who you are and a big thank you to each and everyone of you! Arrowsmith seems a long time ago now, even though It has only been two weeks!



4 thoughts on “Time is at a premium!

  1. Good to know you’re still “out there” – we’ve missed the blog!! Have just finished reading Barbara’s book – have lots of questions!!!! Can’t wait to discuss with you and Simon in Sydney!

    • Hi Stella, still out here and back online now! So much to do. Hope you have a wonderful time in Brisbane. Looking forward to seeing you too and trying to answer all your questions! Fi x

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