Cocktails, sunsets, Mareska!

Relaxing here in Korcula!  The biggest decisions of the day being what time to go down to the beach and which cocktail to choose! Cocktails are a true sign that you are on holiday, to paraphrase Claudias remark yesterday!  

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch on a tiny island called Stupe, just off Korcula, where we ate at the restaurant owned by Hanjas cousin. The huge fish was cooked over a wood fire by hanjas cousins daughters husband! Everyone knows Hanja or is related to her! Our journey over there was a little choppy and those in the back of the boat were soaked and landing was a little fraught! Worth it though!

In the evening we had drinks at the sunset bar. We then went to watch the Mareska, a traditional,sword dance. It was very powerful, sparks flying everywhere as the swords clashed noisily together. It is justly world famous, so energetic. We loved it! This dance used to be performed all over the country and now this is the only place were it has been preserved. Thank goodness that this tradition has been kept for future generations.
Yesterday was a very relaxed day, breakfast at Hotel Korcula, sounds like a movie title! Off to the Marco Polo museum which was fascinating, I never knew spaghetti and gelato went to Italy with Marco Polo from the court of Kubla Khan in Mongolia! Lunch overlooking the water, lying in the sun, swimming and then cocktails in a beautiful garden bar overlooking the old town, and after dinner more cocktails in an amazing bar set in castellated turret. We had to climb a ladder to get through a narrow hole leading up to the terrace, so un OH and S it wouldn’t be allowed in Australia! It was beautiful up there, looking out over the old town and the Cathedral tower.
Our last day today, it has gone all too quickly! But I must admit, we are looking forward to heading home soon and seeing Michael, Rusty, our home and our friends! image


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