Change is the only constant in life…

or so they say. And it is true, just as you get settled, change happens. Perhaps that is what keeps us on our toes. There is good change and not so good change – and I thought it was about time I wrote of the good changes that Simon has seen in himself.

Once a month the students have a writing assignment to do. Last month’s topic was a composition called “Where I have seen improvements”.

And this is what Simon wrote:

I now can play football without being scared of the ball or people running at me. I can hit the golf ball better than I used to. I can talk to people and understand the talk better now. My handwriting is getting better. I can get places by myself without being confused. I can read things without any help. I am not scared of reading anymore. I have flashbacks to my past when I am doing the exercises. I can remember things for longer now.

That is an amazing list of improvements that Simon has noticed in himself, all of them making his life easier and him more confident and believing in himself more with each one. The increase in his confidence is wonderful to watch, seeing Simon engaged and talking to people with ease is a joy. He organises outings with his friends without consultation and gets himself places on public transport, things we take for granted with our other children but which have been a cause of great anxiety for Simon previously. We often wish for happiness for our children but for me, I believe that contentment is more important, to be content with what you have and comfortable in your own skin, and I am happy to say we are seeing a much more content Simon! The gift of the Arrowsmith programme is not only the increased cognitive abilities that the students achieve, invaluable as they are, but also the increased confidence socially – together these will, in the words of a wise student, allow them to be the person they were meant to be. It was those words that convinced me that the Arrowsmith programme was the next step in Simon’s journey. The journey continues.



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