So proud of you, Simon!

It has been a few days since we got home but now we are back, no longer feeling like zombies, back to the glorious harbour in a house that is colder than our apartment in Peterbrough! Back to walking Rusty through our beautiful suburb of Balmain, back to shopping in familiar shops – it feels very comfortable and easy. Back to Pearl Beach, log fires and unusually rough seas, long walks through the National Park to Patonga and back.

Back again to Sydney, rounds of appointments, dentist, optometrist and more, but TODAY was a special day – Simon was awarded his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, an award that is earnt only through persistence and dedication, months of volunteering, learning a new skill, doing a sport regularly, going on a trip away from home, in his case going to Cape York to help set up a community garden in a very remote Aboriginal community and as a cultural experience interacting with the people thereimage (1) and going on a journey, a hike in New Zealand, both the Northern and Southern Tongariro circuit, unfortunately in the most terrible conditions, but he did it! We are so proud of him! Not that many students make it through to Gold, most stopping after Bronze and more after their Silver which makes Simon’s achievement all the more remarkable.

We are off to celebrate now!
And I don’t know why this didn’t get published but here it is now, rather later than planned! And no time to write anything after that but I will start writing soon!


6 thoughts on “So proud of you, Simon!

  1. Sincere and heartfelt congratulations Simon. You’re probably thinking it’s no big deal…. Believe me, it’s a BIG deal! Love from the Wilkinsons on Crete, in London and in Byron Bay

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