Sydney days

Writing the blog has been rather haphazard over the past few weeks since our regular Peterborough life finished as the Arrowsmith academic year finished. And I don’t know about Simon but I have missed it! I know I won’t remember half the things that we have done without it, my brain not having undergone the Arrowsmith programme!  Apart from the lack of memory, it is good to reflect upon the day at the day’s end.

The last while has been full of activity, I can’t remember (see?) what I have mentioned before so please forgive any inadvertent repetition, we have had beautiful dinners with friends, exchanging news, laughing together, afternoon tea drunk from delicate china, Simon making plans and going to see his friends, going back to De Porres house to help prepare dinner and enjoy playing Uno as he did on so many Tuesday evenings whilst doing his service for his Duke of Edinburgh award, as well as cramming in all those things we can’t do in Peterborough, visits to dentists, doctors, optometrists etc, having Stella for the weekend, going to Taronga zoo with Simon,  seeing the deeply moving “Still Life” film, seeing the Archibald Prize, another highlight being the fun of Lara coming home from her travels, with Laura, and the tales of their adventures, and a slide show of their wonderful photographs (and those of Emma’s too!), the house filled with people and noise, sometimes too much noise, lovely flowers in my kitchen, Sunday afternoon sailing on sparkling Sydney harbour, going to yoga with Cheree – tough but oh so good, walking Rusty the length and breadth of Balmain, tidying the study so Michael can no longer find anything but at least we can see his desk and so much more besides.

Today whilst Simon had a tennis lesson with his coach from Riverview, I took Rusty for a walk through the beautiful, no a better word is stunning, grounds, and then onto a track through the bush alongside the Lane Cove river which then wound its way inland towards River Road. There was a moment when I had to stop and gaze at the sheer heart stopping beauty of where Rusty and I  found ourselves, accompanied by kookaburras laughing, a truly magical place, only moments from houses but seemingly in the middle of nowhere, a real good to be alive moment, shared with my dog! That moment gave me back the energy I feel I have been lacking for a while so here I am again – sorry Richard! And for everyone else, I’d love to know what you have been doing all summer/winter!


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