I still have a voice!

Well, actually, I haven’t! I know I have been too busy when my voice goes – I think it is my body’s way of saying slow down! it is incredibly frustrating, I realise how much I talk, too much perhaps! I have a lot to say! The upside of not having a voice is that Simon is doing all the talking, which is great, and he is laughing at me!

We have been so busy – Lara and I went to Alice Springs and walked some of the Larapinta track, the scenery was stunning, our group was great, we huffed and puffed and talked and laughed our way along the trail, sat around the campfire talking and laughing.  When Lara first read the itinerary she said “Hardly hiking, Mum, more glamping”. There were glamping aspects, carrying a day pack, having our tents already set up and having good wholesome food cooked for us at the end of each day but some of the walking was challenging, especially the summit to sunrise, climbing Mount Sonder from 3am to greet the sunrise in temperatures of -12! Who knew it could be that cold in the Northern Territories! She conceded that it was a “hiking” holiday as we walked back down, amazed at what we had walked up – we all decided if we could have seen where we were walking on the way up we would not have done it! 

Whilst we were walking, Simon went to Melbourne to have two days with Stella, visiting the gorillas in Melbourne Zoo  (on a gorilla encounter – his birthday present from Stella – thank you!) which he really enjoyed. He and Stella met up with Amanda – they are looking forward to sharing a house together soon! Simon also went up to Pearl Beach with his friends from TAFE and had a good time, despite the constant rain!

We’ve had a stream of visitors, dinners at home, dinners out. Lunches, afternoon tea and breakfasts too! The crowning glory was Michael’s 65th birthday celebration (is he really that old!?)  – a sixties party, which was FUN!  So many fabulous costumes, so many great wigs, so many transformations it was hard to recognise everyone! Double takes, hooting with laughter as we all recognised each other under the wigs and make up!

And in the meantime, we have had long Skype phone calls from Emma telling us all about the interesting places she has been visiting on her travels and all the fun she is having.

I have been summoned by Simon to pack my suitcase, even though we don’t leave until Thursday – he doesn’t want me packing at the last minute! “And getting stressed and cranky, like you usually do, Mum!”. And I thought I was always so calm! Ha!


2 thoughts on “I still have a voice!

  1. OMFG, she is back! I am so convinced that the lack of voice does not improve things – quite the oposite in fact. Xx

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